Not a competitor

At Dan Spedition, we are not involved in international transport or the global purchase or sale of goods. Only customs documents.

At Dan Spedition, we will never be a competitor to our customers. We do not import or export anything and we are not involved in the transportation of goods either by truck, by ship or by aeroplane. We only help our customers with customs documents.

Therefore, a competitive situation will never arise between us and our customers. You can therefore outsource your weighty and time-consuming paperwork to us.

Our sole aim is to help you with your customs documents quickly, effectively and securely at an attractive price.

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Why choose us?

10 good reasons to choose Dan Spedition.

German customs clearance

Dan Spedition can help you with the customs clearance, if you want to transport goods into or out of EU

Our business foundation

Propriety, dependability and transparency are key words for us.