NCTS documents

At Dan Spedition, we can help with the handling of NCTS documents.

NCTS (New Computerised Transit System) is a common European system for the handling of shipment data for goods between countries that use the system. This is carried out in accordance with EU’s shipment agreements.

The purpose of this is to streamline and simplify the shipment procedures as well as preventing and revealing fraud. This requires that you provide a guarantee. In agreement with the Danish tax authorities, Dan Spedition can act as guarantor in such matters, and can do so to a large amount.

NCTS is used by all export countries and export declarations must be entered into the system by companies or an authorised forwarder. The system can be used by all those who send goods between the countries connected to the system in accordance with EU’s shipping agreements. Companies who are authorised as senders and/or authorised receivers however have to be connected to the system. This requires a special EDB program so as to prepare the NCTS documents.

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