Dan Spedition can file reports to INTRASTAT

EU controls the movement of goods on the open, internal market through INTRASTAT and list systems. In this way, countries and companies can keep track of where goods are and where they are moving to and from.

Companies in Denmark are subject to reporting requirements if they receive goods from other EU countries or if they send goods to another EU country. It is a legal requirement in all EU countries to file reports to INTRASTAT. The system requires accurate reports from companies each month.

Contact Dan Spedition to hear more about how we can help you with the reporting of information to INTRASTAT. This includes both the Danish and the German statistic authorities.

Help with customs documents

Our speciality is customs documents – and only customs documents.

Only customs documents

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Non-EU countries

Dan Spedition is an expert in customs documents if you need to send goods to or from non-EU countries.