Carnet T.I.R.

Dan Spedition can help you with your documentation in regards to the Carnet T.I.R shipment agreements.

The TIR-agreement is an international shipment agreement. TIR stands for Transports Internationaux Routiers.

The agreement is used in connection with transports without the transhipment of goods in loading, combinations of road vehicles or containers moving over one or more borders between one departure customs office and a destination customs office. Part of the journey between the beginning and the end of the TIR transport has to take place on a road so as to meet the criteria.

The TIR-agreement reduces difficulties in connection with transport, while at the same time giving customs authorities an international control system.

The TIR-agreement cannot be used in connection with shipments within EU. However, transports within EU can take place if the shipment crosses one or more non-EU border during its journey.

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