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We can save you time, money and bother.

Do you ship all over the world? Do you bring shipments into the country from all over the world? Do you find dealing with customs documents to be a complicated, time-consuming bother? Dan Spedition can help you with your customs documents. We can streamline the process; and at an attractive price. We are sure that we can save you time, money and bother.

This is true regardless of whether you are shipping by road, by sea or by air. At Dan Spedition, we know what is required and how it should be done. We can carry out the paperwork effectively and in total security. How can we do this? Because we are experts and because customs documents are all we do.

Always open

At Dan Spedition, we are always willing and able to help you. You can contact us around the clock and we are always open; even on holidays.

Contact Dan Spedition and hear how we can make customs documents easier and simpler for you.

Help with customs documents

Our speciality is customs documents – and only customs documents.

International customs clearance

At Dan Spedition, we take care of the customs clearance you incur on goods in EU. We take care of all kinds of customs clearance.

Swedish documents

Let Dan Spedition help you with your Swedish customs documents.