Your customs documents are our speciality

Leave your customs documents safely in our hands. It’s what we do. 

At Dan Spedition, we are experts in preparing customs documents. It’s all we do. You can therefore leave all the awkward and time-consuming paperwork to us, while you take care of your business. 

We are well-versed in NCTS, Carnet T.I.R., customs clearance, execution, certificates of origin, EUR.1, A.TR, B-/Z-HDS and BHT-numbers, CMR, delivery consignment notes and Sunday-driving permits as well as INTRASAT. 

We are highly effective because we know what is required. As a Dan Spedition customer, we can save you time sifting through paperwork and finding out which documents should be delivered to whom. We help with this. 

Dan Spedition also guarantees that your paperwork is carried-out correctly so that it does not give you, your customers or your business partners problems. We know how important it is that shipments arrive on time. 

Attractive prices
We offer attractive prices, because our employees use the newest technology so as to streamline and digitalise the handling of paperwork. 

Contact Dan Spedition and get an attractive price for the handling of your customs documents.

Help with customs documents 

Our speciality is customs documents – and only customs documents.

International customs clearance

At Dan Spedition, we take care of the customs clearance you incur on goods in EU. We take care of all kinds of customs clearance. 

Trade with Switzerland

Dan Spedition can help you with your Swiss customs documents.