Our business foundation

Propriety, dependability and transparency are key words for us.

At Dan Spedition, we want to be a serious and professional business partner when it comes to the handling of our customers’ customs documents.

That is why we value propriety, dependability and transparency in our relationship with our customers and business partners.

We want to treat our customers in the manner in which we wish to be treated ourselves. A customer relationship should always be sensible business for both the customer and for Dan Spedition. We want long-term relationships built on good experiences and mutual trust.

We keep our word. When we make a promise to a customer, we will do our upmost to honour it; even if it is an evening, night, weekend or holiday. We understand that customs documents are business critical. Incorrect and delayed documents can cost companies dearly.

In any relationship with customers, it is important to have complete transparency and clearly defined working parameters. At Dan Spedition, we emphasise that our customers should be able to see the benefits of working with us. This includes content, price and effect.

Safe and fast

Leave your customs documents safely in our hands.

International customs clearance

At Dan Spedition, we take care of the customs clearance you incur on goods in EU. We take care of all kinds of customs clearance.

Trade with the Netherlands

Dan Spedition can help you with your Dutch customs documents.