About Dan Spedition

Our speciality is customs documents – and only customs documents.

Dan Spedition is a Danish company which specialises in the handling and expedition of international customs documents.

Our customers are companies who want help with their customs documents. More and more companies wish to outsource the handling of their customs documents and in doing so save themselves the administrative work involved. We guarantee our customers professional and effective expedition of their customs documents, leaving them free to concentrate on their business, their customers and their business partners.

Our employees have years of experience working with customs documents. At Dan Spedition, we guarantee that the right documents are filled-out correctly.

The handling of customs documents is a matter of trust. At Dan Spedition, we know that the handling of customs documents is business critical for our customers. If the right documents are not in order, it costs time, energy and not least money.

Dan Spedition is located in building L, Padborg at the customs offices. We could not be better situated. If you are in the area, come by and hear how we can help you.

Import and export to:

Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Non-EU-countries

International customs clearance

At Dan Spedition, we take care of the customs clearance you incur on goods in EU. We take care of all kinds of customs clearance.

Trade with Norway

Dan Spedition can help you with your Norwegian customs documents.